Model V2 – Lightning Trigger V2 for SONY Cameras. (Compatibility with Alpha Series)

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Lightning Trigger to capture lightnings or fireworks with your DSLR camera. Great sensitivity, fast 16Mhz processor, special software written in C++, user adjustable and high quality electronics, all together into a small form plastic case with “hot shoe” support. Compatible with various camera models.


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Our Lightning Trigger is a hand made device that is based in a 16Mhz processor. The device is compatible with Sony cameras (Cyan knob is for Sony) models A900, A350, A700, A550, A330, A300, A200. It calibrates itself automatically every 5 minutes, to be able to make accurate light measurements. The sensitivity of the device is user adjustable. It compares almost 2000 samples per sec, to ensure that you won’t miss any lightning. It operates in two modes. Test mode, that allows you to adjust the sensitivity without triggering your camera, and Armed mode, so when it senses a lightning, it triggers your camera to get an amazing shot.

New features:

  • new plastic case designed and produced in enhance Co.
  • the battery is enclosed in the plastic case (battery not included in product package).
  • on/off power switch.
  • better and bigger sensor about 2x more sensible than V1.
  • updated software with major improvements that allows trigger to compare about 2000 samples /sec.
  • better hot shoe support.
  • totally upgradable via mini usb port, that now is easily accessible by user.
  • it covers more models and camera makers.
  • the case can be opened by user using a simple screw driver.

It is very simple and easy to use:
a) place your camera on to tripod and do your common settings (shutter speed, aperture and ISO).
b) focus to an area that lightning appears, and set your lens to manual focus mode. Also set VR off.
c) connect the trigger to the camera using the same connector with an intervalometer or external shutter trigger.
d) give power to the trigger using a 9V battery. The trigger calibrates itself by blinking the blue led and turns into passive mode (green led is on).
e) adjust the sensitivity by using the knob on the right side of the trigger. Every time that trigger senses a lightning the blue led turns on.
f) arm the trigger by pressing once the little push button over the three leds.

Battery 9V (not included).

Cable & Operation compatibility with Sony Cameras:
Sony a900 a350 a700 a550 a330 a300 a200
**S1 Connector compatible with Alpha Series (900, 350, 700, 550, 330, 300, 200)



Package include:
1 x Trigger Device with camera connection cable. (as shown in pictures).
1 x Manual

3 Years Full Replacement Guarantee

Sample Photo (from users) :

2-_IMG2179 Fireworks 2 (Βεγγαλικά 2) Fireworks 1 (Βεγγαλικά 1)

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Dimensions 35 x 26 x 5 cm


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